Did you know that there are only around 250 West African lions left, and if conservation measures don't improve then they are on their way to extinction? The West African lion (Panthera Leo) is under serious threat of extinction with The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classifying the West African Lion as critically endangered. According to LionAid, a lion conservation and education charity, in the last 50 years, 93% of all wild lions have been either killed or have died. Factors such as large-scale changes in land use, hunting of lions in retaliation for killing livestock, and poaching of lion's prey, have all been attributed as major causes for the decline of the lion population.

Photograph Lion cub with his mother

 Photograph of a female lion with her cub

The situation of the West African Lions look very bleak, and if drastic conservation measures don't take place then the world will lose an incredible species. However, some conservationists believe that there is still hope if the right amount of funding is given to aid the conservation process in West Africa. Phillipp Henschel, a survey coordinator for the big cat conservation group Panthera, told National Geographic, "If we can find sufficient funding, in cooperation with National authorities and the international community, then I think there is hope. There are committed individuals on the ground, but they lack funding."  

We, at Everything Man Store, strongly believe that it West African Lions should not be extinct, and as a result, we have started a campaign called "SAVE LIONS with shoes". In this campaign, we are selling a premium pair of beautifully crafted shoes called 'Your Majesty' in which 10% of every sale (~50% of the profit) of the shoe goes to the LionAid charity. The shoes have been marked down by $20 and with the code: LIONAID, a customer will receive an additional 5% OFF.

Photograph of 'Your Majesty' Shoes

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Through our campaign, we hope to donate as much money to LionAid as possible. We strongly believe that the fight to save the lions is as important as it has ever been and that there needs to be a conscious overhaul of the current systems of conservation. This is the reason we have chosen LionAid as the charity for donation because it was created as a result of traditional conservation techniques not working. In addition to being the world leader in lion conservation research, they engage directly with politicians and decision makers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Internationally to carry out there researched procedures. Read more about LionAid here.

We hope that you will join us on this mission to 'SAVE LIONS with shoes'. Get your shoes on! 


Rohan Agarwal | 2018

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