I’ve always loved creating things. When I was ten years old, I would create empires out of lego blocks. As I grew up, engineering, art, and fashion soon became avenues by which I would express myself. In many ways, I have constantly engaged in figuring out  who I am, and be the best version of myself. Through this process of self discovery, I found fashion as a subtle way of self expression that I could practice on a daily basis. Initially, it started with a want to look good and soon became a way by which I could convey my thoughts and emotions. For example, a black ripped jean became one of my favorite articles of clothing, because the color black represents something absolute. Making rips or cuts on a black canvas soon becomes a powerful symbol for anti-conformism. Giving meaning to what I wore became important because it help make me a walking symbol of my thoughts.

Photograph of Black Ripped Jeans

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I started Everything Man Store, because I found it difficult to express myself through the current supply of men’s apparel. Through my travels, I realized that it wasn’t just me who was being affected by this lack of supply. Men all around the world have been neglected by the retail industry. This is why I created a store just for men, and I hope that this store will provide an avenue whereby men can find the right tools to express themselves.

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