Our Story

'While on vacation in Italy, I found myself walking down the streets of Florence with my father, excited about the prospects of being in one of the biggest shopping districts in the world. An avid lover of fashion, my initial excitement began to dwindle after passing the tenth women’s clothing store. Finally, I came across a massive Zara. In times of distress and fashion emergency, Zara always hooks it up. This one was easily the biggest one I had ever come across, at least five stories.

We slowly walked in; garments of vibrant colours, styles and patterns filled the space. We entered on level one but unfortunately, it was a women’s only section. No matter, we hurried our way to the second level. Again, we ran into the same problem. Level three – same issue. What was happening? The vibrant clothes laughed at our eager eyes. Level four – women’s only. At this point, my father had had enough but we were too deep in – we already climbed up four flours! We had to reach level five to see if we would finally be able to shop. We reached and found that the fifth level did have some men’s options! Only it was a shared space with the kids’ section. After everything we had seen for women over the four levels, the lack of options turned us off. We were in Italy! Wasn't this supposed to be the fashion capital of the world? This was the highest betrayal. Et Tu Italie. 

While in Florence, we checked out many more streets with many more stores but were similarly disappointed. Afterwards, we travelled on to Venice, Rome, Milan, Paris, Sorrento, Capri… Everywhere we travelled, we found the same pattern: a boring, limited, men's collection. After the vacation ended, I found myself back home in India. I tried to go shopping once again but it was worse! Not only were the colours and styles limited, fashion genres such as ‘streetwear’ hadn't even reached the market yet! Later that year I went to Sri Lanka, and then months afterwards to the United States Similar problems continued to exist. Sri Lanka was behind on the fashion trends, and the US was obsessed with Hype.

My dad tired of the lack of shopping options

A photograph of my dad in a Sri Lankan Shopping Mall. He was tired spending all the time in the women's section with my mom and sister because the men's collection was awful. 

At this point, I began to wonder – am I just the weird guy who cares too much? I did some investigating and spoke to various friends. Most of them had experienced similar issues. Most retailers simply did not care for us and focused their marketing on women. We are being relegated to boring, less expressive and dull options.

This is a solution worth solving. Young men should have an avenue to find colourful, diverse apparel to showcase their unique personalities. And thus, Everything Man Store was founded: a store only for men to find everything they might need to express themselves. Since its inception, we have aimed to provide men with unique products of the highest quality and at the lowest rates. We will no longer be relegated or forgotten.'

- Rohan Agarwal


Located in 24K Sartaj Basar Road, formerly Jatin Das Road, 10 Hills studio is a spacious 1200 sq. ft. boutique space located in the heart of Kolkata to facilitate India's most promising urban fashion and lifestyle brands.

We are currently stocking the following brands:

A Skating Monk, Bomaachi, Bombay Perfumery, Bombay Sock Co., Curry Studio Shop, Fekki, Fernweh, Foamo-Is, Le Mira, Letters by Amy, Michelle Alexander, NOONOO, Sahil Aneja

10 Hills Studio


24/4K Sartaj Basar Road, Lake Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700029

Store Timings

Monday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm