Become a Seller

Step by Step Guide on how to list on our Marketplace:

1. Go to the registration form: Visit the registration form by clicking on this link

2. Fill out the registration form: Fill out the registration form with your personal and business
information, including your name, email address, contact details, business name, and
business registration details.

3. Provide required documents: In the registration form, please provide your reseller permit
and any other relevant documents such as business registration or tax documents.

4. Submit the form: Once you've filled out the registration form and provided the required
documents, please submit it.

5. Wait for approval: Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified via email once it
has been approved.

6. Phone call: Once your application is approved, we'll schedule a phone call with you to
discuss commission rates and any other relevant details.

7. Sign an agreement: After the phone call, we'll create an agreement between you and our
marketplace outlining the terms and conditions of our partnership. Please sign the
agreement and provide a copy to us.

8. Provide login details: Once the agreement is signed, we'll provide you with login details to
access the vendor dashboard.

9. Login to the vendor dashboard: Once you have received login details, you can log in to the
vendor dashboard. The dashboard will provide you with the tools you need to add products,
manage orders, and track your sales.

10. Add products: Please add your products to our marketplace. You will need to provide
detailed information about the product, including images, descriptions, and pricing.

11. Set up your payment method: Please set up your payment method, so you can receive
payments for your sales.

12. Start selling: Once you've completed all the above steps, you can start selling your products
on our marketplace.

13. Keep in touch: Please keep in touch with us, and let us know if you have any questions or

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully onboard to our marketplace, 10 Hills Studio.
We look forward to working with you!