Sneaker Reseller Registration

Why Sell with us?

Dedicated Relationship Management

Our platform distinguishes itself by allocating a dedicated relationship manager to each seller, ensuring they have a direct point of contact. This manager is responsible for the smooth operation of listings and financial transactions.

Rapid Financial Settlements

We prioritize swift financial transactions, committing to process payouts within five working days, reflecting our commitment to promptness.

Attractive Commission Structure

With commission rates starting at a modest 10%, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing that underscores the value of our services.

Engaged and Expansive Community Network

Our community isn't just large; it's a vibrant gathering of sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts. This offers sellers direct access to a market with a higher propensity for sales.

Incentive Program

Our rewards scheme grants access to exclusive products and discounts, recognizing and celebrating sellers as they achieve specific sales targets.