4 Style Hacks No one Has Ever Told You

4 Style Hacks No one Has Ever Told You

Anyone who knows me knows that I am lazy when it comes to taking care of my stuff, but these four hacks are so good that even lazy old me can do them. These hacks have saved me a lot of tension and money over the years:

Pen stained white shirt

1. Remove Pen Stains with Rubbing Alcohol or Hairspray

I'm a clumsy person who enjoys wearing white. I also love mustard, and writing things down. As a result, most of my white shirts amass pen marks and mustard stains. This is the sad reality of my life. Or at least was. I've figured out one half of my problem, that is, pen stains. An easy hack to fix this is to use hairspray or rubbing alcohol as a pre-treatment after which you can give the article a quick wash. If you don't have a hairspray lying around, ask any of your female friends and they'll more than oblige, and maybe even teach you a few neat tricks (they really do have the answers). 

If you were thinking about the mustard stains then I am currently testing out a few things. In fact it hasn't happened to me in a while. So, if you have some good suggestions, then please do comment below and help a pal out. 

Close up of a shorts zipper

2. Stuck Zippers? Fix them with Candle Wax or Soap

When I learned of this, my life changed. After the 100 millionth time, my jacket zip got stuck, I was determined to find a solution. I flipped out my phone and googled 'zip stuck HELP' and voila! an answer was found. Maybe Kanye should try it sometime.

Anyway, the answer said roll wax or soap over the zip to gently lubricate the zip and that should do the trick. And it did. I have done this multiple times and I will say that the important thing to note when doing this is to make sure you use any form of white wax, as any other color may leave an unwanted stain. Another key thing to remember is to remove the wax residue after you've applied it. This is for no other reason than for your article to look good. 

Delicate Laundry Bag

3. Wash your Dress Shirts in a Delicate Bag

Okay! So this one is a both clever and interesting. If you put 2-3 shirts in a delicate bag and then throw into a washing machine, you would prevent the collar or cuff from fraying. Personally, I think that a crisp collar and cuff is vital to a shirt looking good. So, if you have spent the money buying a nice shirt then I suggest spending a small amount of time to make sure that the shirt remains crisp on the edges. 

A word of caution: Don't put too many shirts into the bag as your shirts might not get cleaned well which is of primary importance.

Shoe Deodorant inside a shoe

4. Use a Shoe Deodorant to avoid Smelly Feet

You can wash your socks, but what do you do to keep your shoes clean? Wash them? No, there is actually a pretty easy fix to this. Get a shoe deodorant that will absorb the moisture, kill the bacteria, and keep your shoes smelling nice. This is a pretty nifty hack and has helped my shoes especially dealing with the humidity. I highly suggest you get yourself one shoe deodorant or make your own! You can also find the one I use here

So, this concludes my list for the time being. If you liked this post, do share it by clicking the social media icons below. Let us know if you'd like more style hacks on the comments, or if you know any other style hacks that work well, especially looking forward to your tips on mustard stains!

Hope this was helpful!



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