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Top 3 Streetwear Fonts | How to get them for free?

I'm silently judging your font choice

This is probably the best way to describe how a brand's typography can create an emotional response out of someone. 

When creating a brand's identity, its typography is extremely important. Yet, many companies fail at doing so. The personality or vibe of a brand or product can be expressed through its typography. For example, you don't want to have a boring or romantic font as a streetwear brand. It is important to figure out what you want your brand or product to represent and choose an appropriate font that showcases that. 

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Helpful tips to choose the right font

Choosing the right font can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many fonts out there. So, which ones should you choose? Below are a few tips that will help you get started.

  • Clean Fonts are better: They are easier to read and therefore are more memorable. I recommend Serif or Sans Serif fonts. Serif fonts are formal, whereas Sans Serif fonts are more modern. 
  • Be unique: Make sure that you choose a font that helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Showcase your personality: Infuse vintage, retro, modern themes to showcase the brand's personality. 

Now we look at some of my favorite fonts that streetwear companies have used to create an elusive brand image. 

The Supreme Font 

It is impossible not to discuss the Supreme font when discussing memorable streetwear fonts. Supreme is the most popular streetwear brand in the world, and a lot of their success comes from their logo. The Supreme logo uses Futura STD Heavy Oblique font in white color on a red background, and many of their best selling products are designed around their famous boxed logo. However, it is not a surprise that the Supreme font is well loved. It is simple, bold, and exudes an air of exclusivity. All of the things, the brand is about.  

Supreme Logo

Nike and Louis Vuitton also use different variations of the Futura STD font. You won't go wrong with its simplicity, readability, and boldness. 

Retro Nike Logo

Create your own logo with the Supreme font using font meme's generator here >>

The Most Luxurious Font

Variations of the next font are used by HBA, Saint Laurent, Comme Des Garcon, Raf Simons, and many other Luxury brands.

Saint Laurent Paris


The Helvetica Neue falls into the Sans-Serif font family and is famous for its neutral typeface that has great clarity and simplicity. 

This is a pretty great font to use if you're using it for your brand name. I suggest you choose a bold variant for your streetwear brand, to give it extra beef. 

Helvetica Neue Font Family

It is also great to use with other fonts for harmony because of its neutrality. 

You can download different variations of the font here >>

Old is Gold

The Old English font family has made a massive resurgence through streetwear. Whether it has been through the Life of Pablo merch or Vetements, Blackletter fonts are everywhere in the streetwear market. It has a history with affiliations to LA gang culture and is the reason for its edgy perception. 

You should try this font on your apparel designs to see if it's the vibe your brand is trying to exude. I especially love this font on the back of t-shirts and sleeves. 

Old English Typeface

You can create your own Old English font logo or design here >>


We have also created a Pinterest board that you can use as an additional resource on the different types of fonts that we addressed in this article. 


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