Why Men’s Accessories are the Most Important Thing in Fashion?

Why Men’s Accessories are the Most Important Thing in Fashion?

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Style is an important factor in looking good. Most of us, wear a shirt and pant, maybe a belt and just call it a day. But we forget about the most important part- somehow, it sometimes looks unfinished, like it is missing something. And yes, you are! ACCESSORIES!! 

Accessories are not only for hippies or dancers; they are for everyone. You can add different accessories to your outfit to make it for trendy or stylish! Here are some looks and helpful tips that you might want to try out to get your groove on!

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Sometimes your hands feel empty. I wear a watch all the time, I cannot live without it, however, when I do not have it, I wear a bracelet. This is probably one of the most underrated accessory. But those who know about it, do justice to them. Bracelet is not just for women. Some men are rocking the men’s jewellery industry, from Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr, Jay Z to Ron Wood. If they can do it, why not you? I do understand the hesitation you might be going through, oh only rappers and hippies wear bracelets and other accessories. All I ask is try it once, and see how you look!

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 A belt is not only used for keeping your pants up, but it also adds to your look. You do not necessarily have to match your belt with your shoes, however, it should go with your whole outfit. A belt can make or break your outfit. You could either look sharp and dapper or just a huge color mismatch and terrible. So be careful what belt to wear with your outfit. Normally I would try to avoid the loud colors like blue, green and yellow and go with the basics- black, browns and maybe even red to some extent.

Rings are probably the easiest item to slip on without having to think a thousand times. Wedding rings are the most common, a few men will wear a devoted ring of personal significance for much of their life: a class ring, a family seal, or a Masonic emblem, perhaps. Only a small percentage of men will ever wear decorative rings as adults. However, they look the best. They show character and style, but most importantly, it draws attention. It's an icebreaker, people will come up and ask questions about the rings. What a better way to start a conversation (with maybe a person you like)!


The simplest thing that you can pick up to add color, style and comfort into your outfit. I generally wear scarfs purely because I want to protect my neck from the cold wind and chilly nights. So scarfs can serve a lot of purpose. Worn with a trench coat, black pants and top, it can add so much to your outfit. It looks like you made an effort and didn’t just pick up anything and wear it. Always remember, first impressions are important too!!

For all formal looks, a tie is a way to go. It looks good, professional and is generally the most common accessory. And in the same way is cufflinks. They are old traditions but classic and timeless. But, you can play around with different styles, colors and metals. Especially with cufflinks. Generally, you can add your favorite detail. So for example, my father is a golfer and as a gift, I bought him golf clubs shaped cufflinks. This can be used as an icebreaker for those boring conversations in conferences or even to attract someone.

So bring out all your accessories and try matching it with your outfit. Tag @everythingmanstore to show us how you have accessorized your outfit and completed your look! If you like this post, please comment below.


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