Need Help Clearing Out Your Closet?

Need Help Clearing Out Your Closet?

Need Help Clearing Out Your Closet? Read On...
Everyone knows someone who needs an intervention regarding their wardrobe. In my family it’s usually my dad and I. If you’re a hoarder like me, de-cluttering your closet is a daunting task you constantly put off. I refuse to donate clothes in the hopes that I might wear it someday. As a result, I always have a massive pile that remains untouched over the years. But, the good news is, you don’t have to wait till spring to organize your closet and get rid of the extras. Take it step by step and an overwhelming task will seem exponentially easier and manageable. Here are five helpful tips to get you started:

1. Take it all out.

Empty out your closet. The initial mess will seem too big to tackle, but I promise you, once you get started, you will be amazed at how efficient this can be. No item of clothing will get left behind in a corner, never to be found again. It is also a great way of refreshing your memory on what you actually own. I’ve found some really cool pieces I had forgotten I owned this way. This will also help you sort your clothing into categories which will eventually make for a better-organized closet. Suddenly, all of those black T-shirts will seem to have a purpose. 

2. Start With The Obvious.

Put aside the clothes that have obvious damages, stains or tear. If they have evident flaws that can’t be fixed, toss them or see if you can still donate some to your local charities. Then move on to the ones that have signs of wear and tear; have fading colors, stretched out, indiscernible necklines or have shrunk beyond help. You might keep a few for comfort clothing at home, but remember, the key is a few. Nobody needs ten t-shirts that they may or may not wear at home. Some of these clothes may have sentimental value but ask yourself when the last time was that you even looked at them. Practicality is indispensable to this process.

3. Do They Fit?

Our bodies are constantly changing and it is okay to evolve our closets accordingly. Give away that shirt you bought five years ago that you promised you would fit into. Not only are you taking up space in your closet, you’re also causing yourself unnecessary distress. If you’re not sure, try it on. Ask your friend with a keen eye for fashion to help. Pull a Sex and the City; if Carrie can put on a show for her girlfriends, so can you. (Nobody is cooler than Carrie Bradshaw). You might have gained a little weight, you might have lost some. Your fashion preferences might have changed or the clothes have simply stretched or shrunk. Learning to let go and making peace with your body is ever so important.

4. Keep things that “Spark Joy.”

Marie Kondo was onto something with her sensational organizational and de-cluttering method. If certain clothes don’t bring you joy, toss them. That doesn’t mean you go all Emily Gilmore and give away everything in your home. But, in moderations, this method can be really helpful. Give away that hideous T-shirt your mom’s uncle’s cousin gave you. If you’re not going to wear it anyway, they’re not going to be able to tell if it’s still in your closet. Give away clothes that were guilty purchases that you barely use, or the ones that don’t fit, but you hold on to. Ask yourself, do they give you joy or make you feel bad about yourself? I cannot emphasize the importance of starting fresh with things that actually bring you satisfaction. Remember, quality one quantity.
5. One in One Out Policy.
After you’ve followed the first four steps, make sure you don’t undo all your hard work. Every time you buy something new make sure you give one thing away. It is super important to maintain a balance. This will make your shopping more purposeful and ensure that your de-cluttered closet stays that way.
If you’re a man, woman or a pet with too many toys, these five simple yet effective steps will ensure you can do some guilt-free shopping and indulge yourself without your messy, overflowing closet calling out to you!
Ashmita Das | 2018
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