The Worst Fashion Advice We Have Ever Heard

The Worst Fashion Advice We Have Ever Heard

So many people go out of their way to either compliment us on our style or feel the need to drop some “fashionista” knowledge on us. We are here to debunk fashion myths that we have been hearing for years, AKA, WORST STYLE ADVICE WE’VE EVER HEARD...

So let’s start with the first one. This one is probably one of our favorites since people use this phrase very casually.

“Dressing well means you have to be uncomfortable”

Umm… No. If you’re uncomfortable it’s going to show, and usually, when that happens, people will definitely notice. Think about all the times you wore uncomfortable shoes and someone was like “are you okay?”, and you replied saying, “No, but fashion over comfort.” You said that to sound cool, but do you remember how painful that was? Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to do that to yourself. We believe that the clothes you wear are an extension of yourself… a way to express yourself. If that truly is the case, then all you are doing is expressing pain and resentment. Is that really the vibe you want to give to the people around you? In addition, it deters your functionality that affects the amount of fun you’re going to have. So, don’t settle for those uncomfortable formal pants just to look good. Wear a well-fit pair of jeans and it will do wonders. Besides, a well-fit pair of casual jeans and hoodie always looked better than a frumpy suit.

Moving on to the next one!


“Wearing baggy clothes will make you look slim.”

We’ve heard this one plenty of times over the years. But, we disagree. Larger clothing means there’s a lot of extra fabric that can collect together to create bulks and bulges in weird areas that in turn will make you look bigger and disproportionate. We suggest wearing a proper fit that will make your body look more streamlined. We do admit that in certain styles combining an oversized tee with a slim fit pair of jeans can look great, however, if your main concern is whether you look too fat, then we suggest choosing a proper fit.


“This is not the right place to pull off this style.”

Umm… Excuse me! We dislike these kinds of comments because the person while being well-intentioned is basically asking you not to be yourself. Being authentic and wearing what expresses you is the best way to dress. Be comfortable in your skin and don’t let the clothes wear you. Stay true to yourself. Because there really isn’t any hard fast rule on what's right or wrong. Do you!


“Pants will start to fit, once you wash it a few times.”

This is funny because you might have to wait forever for this to happen. Pants can shrink in the wash but don’t expect it to go from a baggy fit to a proper fit. Instead, if your pant is too baggy, we suggest that you go to a tailor and spend a few bucks. Trust us. You’ll be happy you did!    


“Match your t-shirt with your shoes”

Try to avoid this if you’re wearing a bright colored tee. People think wearing a red polo with a pair of red shoes makes them look slick. Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t. Wear black shoes instead and watch your outfit become so much better!


We hope that this article helps you navigate your way through confusion and into your best self. We, at Everything Man Store, strongly believe in helping you find the right tools to express yourself whether it’s through advice or making them accessible to you. If you liked this article do comment, share, and let us know if you’d like more articles like this one. Your response will help us in understanding the way in which we can help.

P.S. We are glad wallet chains are no longer a thing!

Rohan Agarwal | 2018

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